Results AnimaLab 2013

Between the dates of November, 7-10, three groups of 4-5 students from Switzerland, Poland, France, Israel, Germany, Czech Republic and Russia will get a certain task. Which task it will be, is still a secret.

Then, being supervised by a Russian animation director each group has to make a short film showing not only participants' talent, their capability to think originally, to work on a given subject and under pressure, but also their capability to communicate with the representatives of different countries and animation schools. Every group will be international.

The groups will be supervised by Natalia Berezovaya, Aida Zyablikova and Vlad Barbe.

AnimaLab is supported and hosted by the School-Studio "SHAR"

Vlad Barbe

Natalia Berezovaia

Aida Zyablikova


Liza Astretsova


Was born on 5 December 1989 in Moscow. Since 2006 works in TV and cinema. 2006-2012 The Humanity Institute of TV and Radio Broadcasting. 2008 TV program The Human and Law as assistant. 2009-2012 Moscow childrens' news 2010-2013 TV channels My Joy, MTV, Education as editor, director and motion designer. 2013 New Media as cut director and graphic designer. 2013 School-studio SHAR


1) 2013 - motion graphics for New Media
2) 2012 - The Legend of Mangups Son
3) 2011 - Birch Bark Stories
4) 2010 - Penance, documentary,
5) 2009 - Moscovici From Solovki, documentary,
6) 2006 - The Debris, animation.

Valentina Konovalova


Graduated from Saint-Petersburg University of Culture and Arts, specialty - "Restoration". Studied two years in Saint-Petersburg University of Cinema and TV on "Computer Graphics and Design". Made cartoons in different techniques: clay animation, cut-out animation and classical animation a little bit. Also took part in the creation of the computer game named "Kolobok" (based on a Russian fairy-tale). Since october 2013, studies in School-Studio "SHAR".


1) 2010 - I Want to Have a Cat,
2) 2011 - New Year,
3) 2012 - What Was Before.
1) 2008 - Smirk,
2) 2009 - Solo,
3) 2010 - Goodbye Maslenitsa.
1) 2010 - Horror.

Natalia Gurkina


Date of birth 16/12/1990. Comics artist and storyboard creator.

1) Lirrika - I'd Rather Be Falling, 2012, by Ilya Yurtaev, storyboard,
2) Lirrika - Pzdtz (-), 2013, . Ilya Yurtaev, storyboard,

At the momet working on personal comics project.

Lorenz Wunderle


Was born in Luzern, 12 October 1983.

2000/2004 - Apprenticeship as Draftsman, Luzern,
2005/2006 - Vollzeitliche gestalterische Berufsmatura, Luzern,
2009/2010 - Gestalterischer Vorkurs an der HSLU, Luzern,
2010/2013 - Bachelor 2D Animation HSLU Design & Kunst,
since 2013 Bachelor 2D Animation HSLU Design & Kunst,


1) Abandoned Themepark, 2010 - director, design, animation,
2) Karatebeaver vs. Lumberjack, 2011 - director, design, animation,
3) Morphhead, 2011 - director, design, animation,
4) Moments in Time, 2012 - director, design, animation,
5) Laserboobs, 2012 - director, design, animation,
6) Die Welt im Arsch (The World in The End), 2012 - director, design, animation,
7) Torpedobanging, 2013 - director, design, animation
8) Goodmorning Fish, 2013 - director, design, animation
9) Hope, 2013 - director, design, animation.

Sophie Haller


Born in Geneva, Switzerland in December 1985. Bachelor in visual communication specialized in animation, at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in 2013.


1) 2013 Ephemere - direction, animation,
2) 2012 History of Virginity - direction, animation,
Stuttgart, 20. Internat. Trickfilm Festival, Competition Cartoons fot Teens, 2013 Berlin, 28. Internationales Kurzfilmfestival Berlin, Competition 2012 Winterthur, 16. Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur, Competition 2012 Hof, 46. Internationale Hofer Filmtage 2012
Woodstock, 13th Annual Woodstock Film Festival 2012
Baden, Fantoche 10. Internat. Festival für Animationsfilm, Competition 2012
3) 2011 Brüderchen Winter by Charlotte Waltert - coloration, compositing,
4) Kinderspiel, co-direction, editing, animation,
Winterthur, 16. Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur 2012
Baden, Fantoche 8th International Animation Film Festival Baden 2010
5) Trailer pour le Fantoche, Baden, Fantoche 8th International Animation Film Festival 2009
6) 2008 Comme une lettre à la poste by Filipo Filiger - script report,
7) 2007 Zurück by Britta Rindelaub - trainee editing,
8) 2007 Sex Toys Stories by Anne Deluz - trainee editing,
9) 2007 Temoin Indésirable by Juan Lozano - trainee editing,
10) 2006 Welcome to Paradise by Carlos Ibanez Diaz - storyboard,


Renata Gasiorowska


Born in 1991. In 2010, graduated from The National School of Fine Arts in Cracow, Poland. Currently finished 3rd year of Film Animation and Special Effects Department at the Polish National Film School in Lodz.


1) Niezwykła noc (Unusual night) , 2013, school film,
2) "Birthday" - the animated music video for the song "Birthday", 2013, by Alphabets
3) "Łukasz i Lotta" ("Luke and Lotta"), 2012, school film,
4) "Pułapki" ("Traps") , 2011, school film.

Marcin Surma


Born in Lublin, Poland. Has a University degree in Computer Science. Currently studying Animation in Łódź Film School. Also a comic book artist.


1) Interface (post production),
2) Second Year Film (Film Drugoroczny, 2013),
3) Water-Lilies (Nenufary).


Thibaud Gayral


Paris, 25 years old

1) July/September 2013 - Internship at Miyu Production in Paris, 2D animation on a documentary about World War I,
2) July/August 2012 - Internship at Ankama Paris, direction of a short film with 4 friends.
3) March 2012 - Internship at Cube creative, 2D animation on a short film by Tom Haugomat and Bruno Mangyoku,
4) August 2011 - Internship at chez Eddy, compositing on a movie clip for Louise Attaque directed by Louis Clichy,
5) August 2010/ October 2010 - Internship and then work at les Films de l'Arlequin, mainly color and compositing on after effects on the short film Mendelssohn est sur le toit by Jean-Jacques Prunès.
2011/ 2014 - 3-year undergraduate degree in Character Animation and Animated Film Direction at Gobelins, lécole de limage, a technical training college which is part of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris; expected graduation: July 2014.
2007/2010 - Emile Cohl, in Lyon, (drawing and animation school) First three years of the four-year diploma,
2006/2007 - Art history and Anthropology licence, one year of University studies.
June 2006 Baccalaureat specialité maths: equivalent to British A-levels and American high school diploma; specialty mathematics.

Link to showreel
Films available at Vimeo

Edouard Guise


Was born in the north of France in 1990. He studied animation in Roubaix in 2007 for two years. Thanks to that he became a background designer prep within an animation studio called Tchack. After two years working, he decides to get back to school at l'Ecole de la Poudrière from which he graduated out in 2013. He's currently student at l'ENSAD in Paris.


1) Scintillant dans l'ombre, 2013, l'école de la Poudrière
2) Magicrème, l'école de la Poudrière, 2013
3) Obus, l'école de la Poudrière, 2013
4) Où est passé Peter?, l'école de la Poudrière, 2012
5) Yoodle, l'école de la Poudrière, 2011
6) Le Défidéfous n15, Tchack, 2011
7) Les E-magiciens à la maison, personal , 2011
8) Les E-magiciens,ESAAT, 2008

Fifi Rose


Was born in Haifa, where also served in Israeli Army as a photographer and editor at the multimedia department in a training base. This position became possible thanks to the Engineer Diploma in Film and Television studies, that she obtained at ORT Megadim Karmiel two years before joining the army. For last three years lived in Jerusalem, where she studies animation in Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, department of screen based arts. Is currently a student of the fourth (and last) year and starting to work on her graduation film, related to a mind opening stop motion course she took.


1) Ink Sheep, 2012, co-directed with Jack Tml,
2) Swing, 2012, co-directed with Jack Tml
3) Paper Layers, 2011, co-directed with Jack Tml,
4) Business Bird, co-directed with Kobi Vogman and Jack Tml.

Vimeo link

Kobi Vogman


Was born in Riga, Latvia, in 1986. His family moved to Israel in 1990. He grew up in Jerusalem. Studied computers and physics at school but got bored of it so in the age of 16, he started dancing and painting. Serving for 4 years in the Israeli Army as a computer technician and then even as a commander of 48 soldiers, he never stopped painting. When finished his army service, he decided to leave the computer industry for good. He's started his studies at the animation department of Bezalel in 2010. During the past 3 years, he has exhibited in few art shows, worked as an illustrator on projects with companies like Castro, Celcom, National Geographic and some others. Then, he took a Stop Motion course in his third year in Bezalel and fell in love with it. During the last summer he worked as an animator with the Haifa International Film Festival on few indie projects. Just started his 4th and last year in which he works on a final project, a 3-5 minute animation film.

Matyas Trnka


Was born 28 January 1981.

1996 2000 - Business academy , Dušní 7, Prague 1, Czech republic, ended with graduation,
2000 2001 - State language school, Školská 7, Prague 1, Czech republic, ended with state examination in english language,
2001/2002 - 2001 2002 - Higher Professional School of Information Services in Prague, study program Museum and Gallery services, Pacovská 430, Prague 4, Czech republic
2007/2010 High art school of Václav Hollar, study program Interactive graphics, Hollarovo nám. 2, Prague 2, Czech republic,

2002/2006 - IT technician in Marsson, s. r. o. copany, Milešovská 12, Prague 3, Czech republic,
from 2006 - freelance artist, animator, director.

Other works on portfolio YouTube.

Esther Trilsch


Was born in 1989 in Dresden, Germany. Is currently studying animation at the Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen Konrad Wolf (The Film and Television University "Konrad Wolf" - HFF Potsdam). .

Selected Filmography:

1) since 2011 - KidKoala - director, designer, TD, modeler, rigger, animator acompositor,
2) 2013 - Drahtprinz by Pia Djukic - technical director
3) since 2013 - Butterblume by Pia Binder - technical director, modelling and rigging,
4) 2012 - You Missed Sonja by Felix Koch - VFX/modelling,
5) 2010 - Promised, feature film - storyboarder.

Her is a link to web site

Heidi Hänninen


Was born in the center of Finland in 1982. Later moved to the South to study at the Helsinki Art High school untill 2001. In 2003, began to study art education in the University of Lapland, in northern Finland, where she finished her B.A studies in 2010.

As a part of her art education studies she spent her exchange year in St. Petersburg, at the faculty of Monumental and Decorative Painting (Muhinskaja/Stiglitz) in 2008-2009. Since 2008 Heidi has been actively working as an artist and have been taking part in plenty of exhibitions in Finland and abroad.

Right now she is finishing her master degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, at the faculty of sculpture, where she has been mostly casting concrete. As part of her master degree she is now making her internship at the School-Studio SHAR.


1) 2012 - Nevalyashka (animation),
2) 2010 - Siberian Train (stop-motion animation),
3) 2010 - Russian Diary (stop-motion animation),
4) 2009 - Natural Blue,
5) 2009 - Concrete Tree (stop-motion animation),
6) 2008 - Ideological Alphabet (stop-motion animation),
7) 2008 - Mother Russia,
8) 2008 - Circulation.