Big Cartoon Festival October, 31st - November, 11th, 2013, Moscow

Big Cartoon Festival will have its 7th edition this year, and its name is already familiar to most of Moscow (but not only) fans of animation films. BCF has many times been named among the most significant events of Moscows fall cultural life and has got lots of superb press reviews. What is even more important for us is that there appeared a generation of young cinemagoers who visited our screenings from the very childhood, and now, turning teenagers, they attend screenings intended for more grown-up audience.

The BCF itself shapes up too. This year the Festival will last for 12 days and will take place at 15 venues. The amount of programs is as usually vast - more than 50 original film programs along with professional event listings, lectures, workshops and some other captivating arrangements. The Festival runs within the support of the Moscow Government, the strategic partner of the Festival is the Mikhail Prokhorovs Fund.

As a part of a good tradition, one of the central events of the BCF is the Cartoon Factory, a huge children edutainment playground, that allows children not only witness the production of cartoons in different techniques but also to participate in it. The Factory is of such big interest that its previos host hall wasn't able to house all the intended visitors, so in 2013, this event is moved to the Cultural Centre ZIL and some of the workshops become by appointment.

Also this year we continue arranging another significant BCF's project which is called AnimaLab. Animation students from 8 countries being supervised by Russian curators produce short animations based on a given task within 4 days. During all this time young people improve their skills, meet creative challenges and learn international cooperation. And the results of their efforts can be measured at the Closing ceremony of the Festival.

Our film program is traditionally concentrated around two blocks, the Winners and the Premieres. First of them is a basket of programs shaped of the most acknowledged (the ones that got prizes at international film festivals all over the world) foreign animation films. And the Premiers block will show brand new Russian animations. At the screening of both blocks, there will be held an audience voting that will finally determine the fate of the Festival prizes. And there will be one more competition in the framework of the Festival that will be held for the first time: this year were launching a childrens jury at our traditional Childrens Matinee with Cocoa and a Bun. They will distribute the prizes among some episodes of modern Russian series.

The BCF 2013 is focused on two guest countries Switzerland and Israel. There are some sets of classic animations, some works of young animation directors along with some documentaries and lectures of these two countries animation presented in the framework of the Festival. In Schools block, besides the Israeli animation, works of Taiwan and Finnish students are presented. And of course a program of new Russian student films. In Festivals block, we continue to screen the winners of the Open Russian Animation Film in Suzdal, and also there is the Polish Festival O!PLA presented. In Archives block, we show the complete version of Mowgli by Roman Davydov (who'd turn 100 years old this year) and Missed Films of 90s. And the Studio of 2013 at BCF will be the ToonBox, a young but a remarkable flash-studio, which became famous thanks to its projects as Mr. Freeman, Kumi-Kumi, Nursery Rhymes, etc. And we're proud to announce that the Russian pivotal figure of the BCF will ne Mikhail Aldashin.

Beyond the traditional blocks of BCF, there will be a wide range of special programs, such is a collection of films based on Yuri Koval's prose, a set of films 'against sport' timed to coincide with the Olympic Games, where animation directors sometimes nicely and sometimes quite spitefully make a mock of sport competitions, a night-long program of adult animation films that put together features, pieces of series and shorts with elements of sensuality (sometimes funny, sometimes serious).

The BCF program for children is wider this year. A charity block that is yearly shown in a dozen of Moscow cinema theatres, will be expanded by means of foreign films. One of the programs is formed of Pixar and Disney Studios' films, it introduces audience to the new adventures of Cars, Toys and other Monsters. Also in the framework of the charity program, a new Japanese feature puppet animation Cheburashka is shown (including a brand new, first time shown in Moscow, short story).

A so-called Sherlock's Party will be held in the framework of the Festival. There will be the director of the animation series Sherlock Holmes' Adventures Mr. Alexander Bubnov presenting the new episodes. Another premier presentation will be dedicated to Russian series project called Sukharev Tower produced by Master Film Studio. It's a series about the adventures of two children in different fantastic worlds. The produced by Master Film Studio series Sukharev Tower in not only the first Russian animation series in fantasy genre but also a rare example of children fantasy with the elements of Russian history, because one of the main character of the series - Jacob Bruce - has a historical prototype who was one of entourage of Peter I.

The children's program is enlarged by two sets of foreign art animations and several animation features, including new Italian Pinocchio, French My Mommy is in America and She Met Buffalo Bill and Norwegian Hokus Pokus, Albert Aberg.

It goes without saying that not only the abovementioned things form the program of the Festival. There is always place also for documentaries, for a concert where old Soviet cartoons get brand new sound, for lectures and workshops, for meetings with foreign and Russian animation directors, for features. In one word, there is room for the events to fit every taste. So please keep up with our previews, participate in our contests and visit our Festival screenings.

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