Mikhail Aldashin

Director, artist, producer

He was born in 1958 in Tuapse. In 1987, he graduated from the Gerasimov Institute of cinematography (VGIK) majoring in the art directing of feature films. In 1989, he graduated from the higher courses for scriptwriters and directors, as a director-animator. In 1993-95, he was a director and a producer of the film company "TEKO" (Moscow), engaged in advertising. 1997 - worked in the USA on the creation of the television series "Mike, Lu & Og" (Cartoon Network), and in 1998 - 2002 he was the artistic director and chief director of this series at the Moscow Studio "Pilot". In 2003-2007, he worked at the "Pilot" Animation Studio, was a member of the Art Council of the project "Mountain of Gems", was the artistic director of a number of films within the project as well as the director of the film "Ivan the Fool. He taught at the School-Studio "SHAR". From May 2013 to August 2016, he was the artistic director of the "Souzmultfilm" Studio. May 2017 he works as the creative producer for short film projects the "Soyuzmultfilm" Studio. Participant and winner of many national and international festivals.

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Selected films:
1988 Kele, (co-director with Peep Pedmanson)
1991 The Hunter,
1991 The Putsch,
1993 The Other Side,
1996 The Nativity,
1998 Optimus Mundus 41. Tzars,
1999-2000 Mike, Lu & Og,
2002 Small Insects,
2004 Ivan the Fool
, 2012 The Immortal.

Sergey Merinov

Director, screenwriter, animator, teacher

Born in Moscow in 1966. In 1989, he graduated with honors from the Moscow College of Arts and Crafts 75 with a profession of a graphic designer. In 1990, he joined the "Pilot" Studio. In 1992, he graduated from the courses of animators at the "Pilot "Studio. In 1998-2002, he worked as a storyboarding director on an international project of the Cartoon Network channel named "Mike, Lu and Og". In 2002, he graduated from the Higher Courses of Directing and Scriptwriting at the Gerasimov VGIK majoring in direction of an animated episode. Since 2003, engaged in teaching, he teaches at the animation courses at the Studio "FAF", "Pilot", "Studio "Panorama" by A. Petrov", Scream School. He is the President of the Guild of Animation Professionals AACR, the President of the Golden Fish International Festival of Children's Animated Films. He is a member of the artistic Council of the "Pilot" Studio and the artistic Board of the "Mountain of Gems" project (he directed all of the title sequences and a few films from this project, including "Teeth, a Tail and Ears" (2011), "Yegory the Brave" (2009), "Kuygorozh" (2007)). He is the creator and the head of the Clay Department of the "Pilot" Studio. Artistic Director of the Animation Studio "Plasticine". Multiple nominee and awardee of Russian and International film festivals.


Selected Films:
1995 Tale pf Hatred,
1996 Russian Nails,
1998 New Russian Animals, Tim, Kremlins,
2002 Beasts Songs,
2007 Kuygorozh, director, scriptwriter
2007-2010 Multi Russia, a project, director,
2009 Yegory the Brave,
2010 There Was Once Sasha Walking down a Highway, director, scriptwriter,
2011 Teeth, a Tail and Ears, director,
2012 Chicken and Kitten, director, scriptwriter,
2012 Watches, Internet Milk (project Fixipelkies), director, scriptwriter,
2012 Kitchen,
2013 Vanity of Vanities, director, scriptwriter, 2014 Chamber of a Fly, director, scriptwriter,
2014 Plasticine-Alphabet, director, scriptwriter,
2015 A Green World (Leonid Agutins music video), director,
2015 Man Is Simple, director, scriptwriter,
2015 That Tortoise (project Tales from all over the World), artistic director, scriptwriter,
2016 A Little Christmas Tree (project Merry-Go-Round), director, scriptwriter,
2016 Heritors (project UNESCO World Heritage Sites with Smeshariki), series, director,
2016 Animatango, co-director,
2017 Russian Language with Smeshariki, series, director, scriptwriter, 2017 Pants (project Multipelkies), director, scriptwriter.

Yekaterina Filippova


Born in Moscow in 1990. Graduated from the International Slavic Institute in 2011, with a profession of a film and theatre actress. In 2015, graduated from the School-Studio SHAR majoring in animation direction. Has been studying at the experimental youth association at "Souzmultfilm" Studio in 2016-2017.

Selected films:
2010 The Foundling,
2013 A Girl and a Snowball,
2015 A Birdie,
2016 Goats,
2018 Trunky.

Polina Skorokhodova


Artist and animator. Born in Moscow in 1992. Studied languages in Moscow State Linguistic University, graduated from Theatre Art and Technical College 60. Participated in AnimaLab 2014 in the group supervised by Liza Skvortsova, took part in the Summer School 2016, co-directed 60HOUR Challenge film "The Last Apple" in 2017& Her graduation film "The Borscht" was shortlisted for a number of festivals in 2017-2018. Now studying in SkillsUp School and taking a BiteyCastle Vfx course.

Selected Films:
2014 The Breakfast (co-directed with other AnimaLab students),
2016 Corrections (co-directed with other Summer School students),
2017 The Last Apple (60HOUR Challenge Colchester Film Festival), co-director, animator,
2017 The Borscht, graduation film.