Karina Pogorelova


She was born in 1993. She lived and studied in Sergiev Posad, Russia. There she graduated from an art school. In 2013, she graduated from the College of Film, Television and Multimedia at Gerasimov VGIK. As an animator, she took part in the creation of the following films:
2013 Literal Stories, dir. L. Skvortsova,
2014 Scientist Bear, dir. A. Kuznetsov,
2015 The Brave, dir. A. Kuznetsov,
2016 Johnny Boni Bo, dir. L. Skvortsova,
2017 Trunky, dir. E. Filippova,
2018 Mirror, dir. Mr. Golubev.
In 2018, won the prize of Icarus National Animation Award as the Best Animator for work in the projects Johnny Boni Bo and Trunky.

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Milana Deripaskina


Was born in Kazakhstan in 1990. In 1997, moved with her family, to Nefteyugansk (Russia), where she attended a school with enhanced coverage of maths and physics. Also graduated from a music school and a school of arts. She was interested in doing equations and physics experiments but was also dedicated to music, story writing and drawing. Graduated from Tyumen State University in 2012 with a degree in physics, with a profession of a physics teacher and a technical translator. Her self-paced study of graphic design allowed her to get a job as a graphic designer at an advertisement-production company. In the Spring of 2017, she moved to Moscow to study and practice animation. At the moment shes a student at the School-Studio SHAR.

Selected films:
2017 Parygin Show, (animation),
2017 Jam for Andrey Khrzhanovskys birthday, (animation);
2018 Animation Super Hero, (animation),
2018 How Old Is the Rabbit?, (animation, editing),
2018 Jam for SHARs jubilee, (animation),
2018 Summer in the M-city, (animation, editing), in the framework of an intensive course together with the Animation Manufactory

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Ksenia Danilevskaya


Born in Moscow in 1997. Since 2010 and for about three years, she attended the Children's Animation Studio "Dragonfly". In 2013, she entered the Theater Art and Technical College #60 at the specialty of artist-animator. Her first independent experience in creating animation was a stop-motion video on a given topic, i.e. "A Clockwork Orange". In 2014, made a stop-motion (seashells) clip Sea Music. In 2017, graduated from the College with a diploma film called "Zai-Samurai", and entered the Sergiev-Posadskiy branch of VGIK on the specialty director of animation and computer graphics, teacher. In 2018, she worked as an animator on the project of a classmate Anelle Askar named "Multiperson", she made cutout animation. At the moment she is in her second year working on her term work based on the fairy tale called "Beasts in a Pit".

Selected films:
2013 A Clockwork Orange,
2014 Sea Music,
2018 Multiperson, dir. . skar.

Ivan Bondarenko


Was born in Moscow in 1988. Travelled a lot with his family when he was a child as his father is a diplomat. He lived in Myanmar, Ukraine and Moldova. In 2005-2008, he studied at the Institute of International Relations of Moldova. When he came back to Moscow he entered the Academy of Labor and Social Relations and specialized in social relations between the years of 2008 and 2013. He worked in different fields and tried different jobs but have always dreamt of being an animator. In 2015, he entered Scream School and spent three there but didnt finish it. Since 2017, hes been studying at the School Studio SHAR (the department of animation director/producer). Took part in different projects of the Scream School and the School Studio SHAR among other students and participated in various student jams as both animator and director. Participated in creation of several cartoon episodes of the Prostokvashino project as an animator. At the moment works at an Anna Kadykovas film Near the Mountain, On the Mountain, From the Mountain.

Anuar Ibrayev


Born in 1999. From 2011 to 2015, he studied at the Kasteev School of Fine Arts and Technical Design. In 2017, he entered the Litovchin Institute of Film and Television named (GITR), where hes majoring as an artist of animation and computer graphics. In 2018, he took courses of the Pixel Online Animation School on basic animation in After Effects.

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Selected works:
2016 My First Animation", 5 sec.,
2017 Adventure of Arseny, 10 sec.,
2018 Live Moscow, 11 sec.,
2018 Something About Me, 22 sec.,
2018 Where Is Happiness?, 5 sec.,
2018 To Sleep Like a Baby in a Pot, 11 sec.,
2018 Where Is My Purse?, 7 sec.,
2018 Just a House, 8 sec.,
2018 Concept of a Music Player, 19 sec.

Andrey Falk


Born in 1999 in Moscow. In 2017, he graduated from a school with in-depth study of certain subjects 1234. In 2013-17, he studied at the Children's Art School named after V. Serov. In 2015-16, attended courses at Gerasimov VGIK for artists of animation and computer graphics specialists, and in 2016-17, he also attended courses intended for directors of animation and computer graphics specialists, ibid. In 2017, enrolled in the Sergievo-Posadskiy branch of the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography majoring in directing of animation and computer graphics.

Selected films:
2018 Three Steps Toward, 1 min. 29 sec.

Shalev Ben Elya


A 4th year student of animation at Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem, Israel. He specializes in stop motion and classical animation that uses a wide range of materials and techniques. His most recent short, "Reviver", premiered at the "Asif" festival in Tel Aviv. In 2017, his short "And Thou Renewest the Face of the Earth", which imitates the movement of a zoetrope, won first prize in the "929: Tanakh B'yachad" Competition for video art and animation shorts inspired by the book of Psalms. Between those projects, he worked at École de La Cambre in Brussels on the "Eclipse", an animation created from a clay relief.

2018 Reviver, o-director/nimator (Password: Brahms),
2018 Eclipse, director/animator,
2017 And Thou Renewest the Face of the Earth, o-director/nimator,
2017 In a Relationship, codirector/animator,
2017 Life, codirector/animator,
2016 Shame on You, codirector/animator,
2016 Greeting for Succoth, director/animator,
2016 Calmest Case Scenario, director/animator,
2016 Where the Wild Things Are, director/animator

Renen Adar


Age 28, a student of Animation and Visual Arts in the Bezalel Academy, Israel. Finds especially great pleasure in directing stories and animating characters, mainly in the fields of stop motion and classic animation, but also in comics, illustration and writing. A great lover of nature, outdoor life, anthropology and human cultures, with a tendency to ask why things are the way they are. Some of his earlier works can be found here.

Short filmography:
2016 Coffee Time,
2017 Mortal Cookie,
2018 Hailstorm,
2018 Character Animations, series,
2018 Stop Motion Sequences, short experiments exploring time and space,
2018 Destination,
2018 Reviver,  (Password: Brahms).

Marion Nyffenegger


Was born in Wyssachen (Switzerland) in 1995. In 2015-16, she took an introductory design course at The Basel School of Design. Since 2016 she a student at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. She passed an exchange semester at the College of Art in Edinburgh in 2018. She has taken part in numerous intensives, master classes, animation projects and jams, has been curator of exhibitions, Art Director of several films and festivals.

Selected films:
2013 Alles bleibt anders, director,
2014 Und Morgen fahre ich dann zurück nach Lissabon..., director,
2016 Hänsel und Gretel-Sweet Temptation,
2018 Lumina, 360 Film,
2018 We Are Memories, (password: Memory2018),
2018 Spirit of the Sea,
2018 You Keep Me Moving,
2018 Memories of Raspberries,
2018 Lord Leevid`s Speech, commercial,
2018-2019 What Brought You Here, collaboration with Anne Renaud from Strasbourg.

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Anna Heribanova

Czech Republic

Was born in Prague 1990. She is student of the Department of Animated Art at the Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. Before that she studied graphic design at the Graphic School in Prague. Her animated short film was presented at the Tricky Women festival in Wien in 2015. She also worked on some other films with co-workers from the school and a few advertisements and propagation videos. Now she works on her bachelor short about Christmas.

Selected films:
2014 Dům,
2014 Fabulous World Adolescence.

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